Zyno Bot is an advanced pre-made Discord bot. As Zyno Bot is a pre-made Discord bot, everyone who owns a copy of Zyno Bot has the same functions on their bot. This makes it hard to decide whether a suggestion should be added to Zyno Bot or not as some owners might not like a certain suggestion and others do. For those suggestions which aren't being added, they can be made by owners of their bot or addon creators. Zyno Bot provides a library based on the Discord.js library which makes it easy to create addons with little amount of coding knowledge. This guide helps you to understand the addon system of Zyno Bot and to create your own addon for Zyno Bot.

Make sure you're writing your addon in the latest version of Zyno Bot Addons. This module keeps being updated to make sure it doesn't have any bugs and you can give your customers the best experience. You can find which version is the latest here.

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